To know if our loved ones are fine without them having to do anything

Are you concerned about a relative?

Would you like to know they are fine at all times without them having to do anything?


There are different solutions to take care of your loved one:

– Telecare services
Your relative will have a button to ask for help, both at home and outdoors.
The service includes a call center to attend any incident and mobile units for emergencies. But you don’t have information about your relative, unless something serious happens.

– Geo-fence solutions
They allow you to create security zones on GPS locations. You will know if your relative enters or leaves those locations. But you have to manage of the zones manually.

– Social&Care
It is the only intelligent solution that learns from users and adapts to their needs without them having to do anything. They only have to carry their smartphone with them, and you will know if they are fine at all times.

Social&Care learns the locations visited by the user and memorizes them. Without you having to do anything, Social&Care will inform you when your relative enter and leave the locations. In addition, you can create tasks and medications. Social&Care will remind them and will inform you if they are in the right place at the right time … or not.

Download Social&Care for free and test it for a month.

Because your peace of mind is priceless

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