Social&Care – User tutorial

This tutorial explains how to configure the application to work in the terminal where it has been installed.

How to indicate information about contacts, locations, tasks, medication and bluetooth devices for measuring physical activity so that the artificial intelligence engine can automatically detect the user’s status.

Social Care analyzes in real time all these variables and detects whether the user activity responds to what is expected or if he is in an unusual or risky situation.

If user activity is normal, it will be reported periodically to family or caregivers with messages to their mobile terminals (this service requires a monthly subscription).

In the case Social & Care detects an unusual or risky situation, it will immediately notify the user location. User must not interact with the device, simply carry it.

This tutorial explains how to complete the Social & Care information so the artificial intelligence engine give us the fullest possible information.


Because peace of mind is priceless

This information is also available in: Spanish