Social&Care – Tutorial: configuring user information

This tutorial shows how to manage information in the user’s terminal from our own device.

How to configure his tasks and medications so the Social&Care’s artificial intelligence engine identifies when the user is in a unusual or risky situation.

  • If he is wandering around aimlessly
  • If he takes a long time without physical activity and should have it
  • If he has forgotten his smartphone
  • If his terminal has no battery
  • If he has not come to a place when he had to
  • etc.

The more information we configure the more complete information will provide us Social & Care about our loved one.

Social & Care is an artificial intelligence engine that compares the activity of the user with predefined activity patterns. If Social & Care detects the user is not acting according to what is expected, it will notify us immediately.

The added value is that the user does not have to interact with the terminal. He only has to carry it.

This tutorial shows how to set up the information to facilitate the artificial intelligence engine to give us accurate and concrete information about our familiar.


Because peace of mind is priceless

This information is also available in: Spanish