Social&Care attends City Expo World Congress

Last Monday, November 13th, we were invited to represent Zaragoza City Council in the Smart City World Innovation Program in Barcelona , due to the celebration of the Smart Cities Expo World Congress 2017 #SCEWC17 . This congress is different because it is the most important one in the world in terms of Smart Cities.

In 2016, Smart City Expo World Congress gathered together more than 16,688 attendants and 420 speakers from more than 600 cities, reaffirming it as the benchmark congress for Smart Cities models

For this 2017 edition, it is expected to exceed 17,000 visitors, with more than 700 cities and increasing by 20% the number of exhibitors, placing it in almost 700 from more than 120 countries.

The Smart City World Awards project was established to identify cities and their innovative ideas according to a line of sustainable development throughout the world. The purpose of these Awards is to recognize, promote and support pioneering strategies and ideas that can significantly change the lives of citizens through initiatives that achieve innovation, impact or collaboration among all to improve the quality of life for everybody.

The presentations are divided into different categories such as mobility, sustainability, urban health, technology and economics.

Social&Care was displaying its proposals within the section “Healthy Urban Living”.

Our CEO, Ignacio Barraqué, was the one in charge of sharing the proposals for improvement and the conclusions that we would like to make take shape within a Smart City.

The attendants became aware of how difficult it is to move around a city in a wheelchair, of the barriers that thousands of people have to overcome daily.
In addition, within teleassistance, only 10% of people who need it have access to it.

A brief pitch in which different speakers such as @Ynformed, @Libelium or @CivityNL could become aware of the big gaps to overcome for the Smart Cities of the future.

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