Just by having the Social&Care App installed, you will know if your relative is in the right place at the right time

Without any set up or alert areas definition!

Social&Care records the places that your loved ones visit regularly and notifies your when they are there

You only need to install Social&Care App on your smartphone, and your familiar's one, and you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is going well

Some examples of Social&Care App notifications:

  • Mike has coming home
  • Sara is at the dermatology clinic
  • Andrew has left his sister’s house
  • And many more…

Advanced features

In addition to real-time location, the Social&Care App offers you smart tools: alarm button, tasks or medication reminders, or voice assistant to help in case they get lost.

If your familiar press the SOS button, Social&Care will automatically call you.

Create a task and Social&Care will remind your relative what he/she has to do and where has to be.

If you associate a location to the task, Social&Care will inform you if your loved one is there in time or not

Create a task associated with a location with no schedule

The task will not generate a reminder for your relative, but will notify you when your relative has arrived there.

Social&Care App offers the best medication scheduling system: agile, simple and complete (if desired).

It will remind the medication and the information associated at the indicated time.

The agenda includes all the tasks and medications created for your relative.

Sorted by days, you can see all the activities and medication intakes you have created

Heat map functionality informs you of the most common places your family member visits

It also informs you his/her last position and the time at which it was captured.

Social&Care recognizes voice orders. Very useful when your relative has been lost or needs help.

Voice orders such as:

  • Take me home
  • I want to go to my sister’s house
  • Call my daughter
  • And many more…


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