Social commitment


Social&Care is a company aimed to help families who are worried about a loved one.
Thus, Social&Care offers Social&Care App completely free of charge for all associations or organizations with social purposes.

Furthermore, Social&Care team members also have an individual social commitment and contribute with their dedication and work. We want technology helping to make insertion projects, to improve personal autonomy or any other initiative in which you can count on us.


Social&Care team has a huge experience appliying IT to health and social care areas. This experience allows us to help social organizations by using technology as a means to carry out projects of: autonomy improvement, personal development, mobility, prevention of social isolation or depression, etc.

To this day, many associations have counted on our altruistic and voluntary support. If you have a social project and you consider that our products or our experience may be useful to you, do not hesitate to contact us

Because their peace of mind is priceless

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