Smart Cities: What they are and how Social&Care fits in

These words, Smart City, have created a new concept of urbanism and design of cities, as an evolution of Digital Cities.

Smart Cities rely on technology to improve the quality and sustainability of their services.

Its target: the city uses technology to be able to respond to the most basic needs of its citizens.

However, Smart Cities are applying technology to improve their relationship with the environment and with citizens, but they are forgetting that what they are really modifying are our daily habits and not everyone can adpt at the same speed to these changes. It is necessary that these networks have a communication channel specifically designed for people with disabilities so that the technology becomes help instead of a barrier.

How Social&Care fits

Social&Care designs solutions where technology is the mean for families of people with disabilities to have access to these innovations according to their needs, improving their quality of life and their beloved ones´ aswell.

Social&Care captures the way our family members move in or out home, creating a pattern of behavior and comparing it with their daily activity.

For example, if what they do does not match their pattern, it offers them tools to get back to normal and they will notify us immediately if something unusual happens.

Social&Care is smart, proactive and automatic: they don´t have to do anything.

Social&Care mobile application is designed to help you in your daily life when you leave home.

Just by carrying your smartphone with you, your family members receive all the information about their activity on their mobile phones, as well as reminders of agenda and medication they have to take.

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