Knowing our elders are fine without them having to do a thing

If something happens, you would know about it instantly

Even if they can't ask for help!

Automatically and immediately

Social&Care notifies you if any unusual situation occurs.
Your loved one does not have to do a thing
Without wires or extra installation costs
You can take it with you when you move

Even if your relative can't press the alarm button

All the information you may need

Your loved one's activity
Temperature at home
Doors and drawers opening

Without installation or wires and without you and your relative having to do a thing

Physical activity

Temperature at home

Door opening


Why Social&Care?

Automatic and smart warning system

Social&Care automatically learns your loved one's behaviour

If your relative's activity does not match with the habitual one, you will be notified automatically

Frailty prevention

Social&Care studies the seniors sleep time and their daily activity, and informs you if there is a significant reduction in their habits

By detecting these situations, symptoms can be mitigated and their autonomy and quality of life can be extended.

And when they go out?

Social&Care is also smart when they are not at home

Learns the places they visit and warns if their behavior is not as usual

Without them having to do a thing. With only having the Social&Care App installed.

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