Real-life case study: my father is older and I’m worried about something might happen to him

Are you worried about a loved one. Would you like to know everything is going well? Without them having to do anything?

Social&Care is the solution you are looking for. You’ll be automatically informed if they are in the right place at the right time…or not.

Just download Social&Care App for free on your smartphone (and on your relative’s one too) to receive immediate information on whether what they do make sense or not.

Create the places they usually visit and assign them a task or activity: bakery-buy bread, park-walk, home-come back eating, etc.

Social&Care will automatically inform you what they do without them having to do anything.

If they are somewhere out from the habitual places, you will recieve immediate notifications. Every day you will recieve an email with the entrance and exit times of places they visit.

They will increase their self-esteem and confidence because they know that if something happens you are goint to know it, and you will be able to help them.

We gain peace of mind because we know if they are doing a usual activity or not.

Download Social&Care for free at

This information is also available in: Spanish