Mobile devices management as a service

A professional solution aimed to provide a social service

Social & Care Mobile Manager is a professional solution for managing mobile device fleets: arrange user profiles, assign security settings, distribute mobile applications and securize corporate information access.

When you assign a user to one of these profiles, their mobile device is set immediately with the settings, applications and corporate information relevant to his profile.

This way any organization can manage agile and intuitively all mobile terminals and their content without the need of a large technical team.

In the technical area, you can access each terminal remotely and resolve any issues online. You can enable or disable applications (without going through the commercial markets), change configuration settings, update information, etc.

With Social & Care App installed, you will receive all notifications and can monitor the activity or location of each user, providing preventive care services with high added value.

You will know where the users are and what they are doing. You will have inmediate information if any of them falls, goes out of their safety zone, has been lost or has the vital signs outside his normal ranges.

With this information you can prioritize some notifications and trigger your contingency plans with much greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Social & Mobile Manager and Social Care & Care App are the perfect partner for any organization that wants to offer a service of high added value for its users and associates.

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