Making health decisions on big data statistics?

Intel and the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) have developed a large database with cancer cases and treatments received in more than 100 US centers, creating what has been called: Collaborative Cloud Cancer(CCC).

The goal is that hospitals and research centers can consult how individuals who share genomic pattern reacted to certain treatments

According to BBC (BBC World article (Health)) one of its managers was diagnosed with kidney cancer, receiving treatment for 23 years with the technique of trial and error where 92% of the drugs that he received were in vain. Cases like this one, may be avoided.

Experience recorded in this database will allow to consult the genomic basis of the patient and the treatment he received, so time, costs and patient suffering will be significantly reduced.

On the other hand, these new tools allow the identification of possible patterns according to the genomic basis of the patient, ie according to information from patient DNA and comparing it with a database of historical cases, we can study what can occur in the future to the patient(statistically speaking) and perform preventive actions.

Is this a moral and ethical medical practice?

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