Intellectual disability

What is it?

It is a genetic alteration in development characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptative behaviors.

It should be noted that it is NOT a mental illness.

Intellectual disability is evaluated and diagnosed according to:

  • Intellectual functioning: understanding as intelligence the general mental capacity. It is taken into account that they present difficulties when it comes to reasoning or understanding complex ideas.
  • Functioning of adaptive behaviour, understanding it as a set of skills to function in daily life.

How can Social&Care help you?

In Spain there are more than 3,85 millions of people with disabilities, 300,000 of them with intellectual disability.

We must strive to offer a standarized image of people with intellectual disabilities, raise awareness and sensitize society about the specific needs of these people, making it more inclusive by normalizing their functional diversity and claiming their rights.

Social&Care helps restore autonomy and self-confidence, making families feel more secure.

Some of the entities with which we collaborate:

We collaborate with Integrandes, a non-profit organization that has been working for more than 40 years to improve the well-being of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, promote their integration in society and treat them with dignity and respect. In addition, they are part of Plena Inclusión Madrid and support more than 300 children and adults on different ages.

Their goal: “quality of life and warmth in attention”.

We also collaborate with Plena Inclusión Aragón, Aragonese Association of Entities for People with Disabilities or Development and their Families (previously called FEAPS previously). This non-profit organization was born in 1990 and struggles because every person with intellectual or developmental disabilities can develop their life project within a fair and supportive society. There are more than 36 associations in Aragón and represents more than 2900 people with disabilities and their families.

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