For a new ATADES’ school

ATADES receives every day at their school in San Martín de Porres hundreds of students up to 21 years old with intellectual disabilities.

They need to rebuild the centre to improve the service and increase the number of students attended.

To do that, they need to obtain € 2.5M.

INGOA is the most important social community or runners in Spain. They transform the kilometers traveled in positive energy to change the world.

The project of the new school in San Martín de Porres is the cause chosen by Ingoa to transform the kilometers traveled into a reality that helps hundreds of children with intellectual disabilities.

Social&Care has a Social Commitment and we offer Social&Care App free of charge for the internal projects of social organizations. In addition, our team participates selflessly in these projects.

ATADES is one of the social organizations with which Social&Care is developing projects to improve the autonomy and personal development of people with intellectual disabilities.

Social&Care will collaborate changing the kilometers traveled in the cause defined by Ingoa. The more kilometers runned, the more positive energy ATADES will receive for their school.

Help us to generate energy for this new school for ATADES and download Social&Care


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