Social&Care will notify you in different situations:

  • Still in bed and should be active
  • Too long in the toilet
  • No activity at home
  • Less sleep time than usual
  • And many more…

Without installation or wires

Automatic and smart.

You just need to place a Social&Care motion sensor in the bathroom, bedroom and living room
Social&Care transforms sensors data into behavior information. Learns your loved one daily activity, memorizes it and creates a individualized behavior pattern.
Among other data, Social & Care records:

  • Bedtime and wake up time
  • Time spent in each room of the house
  • Daily toilet trips and time spent on it
  • Activity timeline

In less than a week and without doing a thing, Social&Care learns the usual behavior of your loved one.

Long lifetime battery

24 hours per day

Automatic and smart


Social & Care detects any rare or unusual behavior, immediately and automatically warning, even if your relative cannot ask for help.

How to install Social&Care?

You just need to put the Social&Care sensor in a visible position. No installation or configuration required, the battery will last more than 6 months and you can take it on vacation or on the move.

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