Collaboration agreement with Integrandes

At Social&Care we are convinced that hard work pays off and, thanks to your support, we can announce that we have a new collaboration agreement with Integrandes.

Integrandes is a non-profit Association from Aranjuez (Madrid) with more than 40 years of experience. The idea of creating the Association was born when a group of families with several disabilities decided to gather together and move forward to improve the well-being of their beloved ones. Little by little it became the Association it is nowadays and where today more than 300 children and adults are helped.

The agreement signed last week with Integrandes, signed by Luis Reyero, owner of Integrandes, on behalf of Integrandes, and Ignacio Barraqué, Social&Care CEO, includes:

  • Carry out joint actions for the visibility of people with intellectual disabilities, confirming the great capabilities they have during different activities and other tasks they could make by themselves or not. These activities will help to improve their quality of life and will help to work in favor of equal opportunities.
  • Collaborate in activities, actions, programs, etc that Social&Care and Integrandes carry out throughout the year for the benefit of both companies.
  • Support the activity developed by Integrandes in favor of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
  • Support the projection of Social&Care´s commitment to people with intellectual disabilities and to their families within the framework of Social Responsability.
  • Transfer of the application and other Social&Care tools for use by Integrandes to help improve the autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
  • Agreement of diffusion in Social Networks, websites, bulletins, newsletters and electronic mails sent to the members of the Association and their families, possible contests, and rest of corporative means of communication that they have.

In the picture, we can see Luis Reyero and Ignacio Barraqué after the signing of the collaboration agreement at the place of Integrandes in Aranjuez (Madrid).

With them, some of the workers of Integrandes.

From Social&Care we are very happy to be able to expand collaborations with other entities of great human quality such as Integrandes, totally dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities and their families to have a better quality of life and promote their integration in society.

Currently, several families of the Association are using the application Social&Care for more than a month with success because they know at all times that their children are allright. Before they had to wait for their children to call them or send a message telling them where they were, now with the app it is not necessary because it does so automatically. In addition, from the own Association, they also use the app to give support to the people in the Association.

This collaboration agreement will serve to help these adults and children recover their autonomy.

For more information about Integrandes, their work and initiatives, please visit

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