Collaboration agreement with ARADE

In the middle of last week, we met to sign another collaboration agreement. In this case, we are pleased to announce our new collaboration with ARADE.
ARADE is the Aragonese Association for Dependency, an association that encompasses managers and professionals of private centers in Aragón who work to provide the best service to the dependence of the elderly with the highest quality and professionalism. The seal of this association is a guarantee and quality mark, since being assigned to ARADE guarantees that they meet require quality and legality requirements.
The agreement signed with ARADE, signed by Paquita Morata, as Manager of ARADE and on behalf of it, and Ignacio Barraqué, CEO of Social&Care, includes:
  • Collaborate in the activities, actions, programs and other proposals that Social&Care and ARADE carry out throughout the year to benefit and promote both entities.
  • Support the activity developed by ARADE in favor of the service to the elderly.
  • Support the projection of the commitment of Social&Care with the elderly and their families within the framework of Social Responsability.
  • Special offers of Social&Care products for its partners, suppliers and other affiliates.
  • Agreements of diffusion in Social Networks, Media, website and e-mail sent to the members of the association and their families. Also with brochures, magazines, possible contests and the rest of corporate Media they have.
foto Arade

In the picture as shown are Paquita Morata, Manager in ARADE, and Ignacio Barraqué, Social&Care CEO, after signment of the collaboration agreement at ARADE´s office in Zaragoza.

In Social&Care we are really happy to increase the number of collaborations with other entities and associations that, as ARADE, look forward to improve the well-being of elderly people and their families.
This collaboration agreement will serve to a bigger broadcasting of Social&Care among their associates and other affiliates.

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