What is it?

It is a brain disease that causes problems with the memory, the way of thinking and the character or the way of behaving. Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia.

First symptons:

It should be noted that not all the forgetfulness can indicate the loss of memory, only the most significant or that result in errors without any reason during our daily day. As the time goes by, there will be a deterioration that will affect our speech and our way of thinking.


Go tou your family doctor to ask a series of questions or tests to the patient: With a series of simple questions or tests, you can perceive symptons that can lead to dementia.

Make a complete blood test and a physical examination: if in the previous phase any sign of cognitive deterioration is detected, a blood test, the medication that is being taken is cheked in case there is any contradiction and a physical examination.

Diagnosis of the specialist doctor: in this case, it would be going to the neurologist if the memory problems persist and he will carry out the pertinent tests for a more accurate diagnosis.

September 21st: World Alzheimer´s Day

How can Social&Care help you?

Family members and users understand the situation and do their best to continue with their daily autonomy avoiding changes. Social&Care helps you to continue with it since it prevents your day to day changes at all, you can continue doing everything as usual.

It is an applicaction that will be installed in your mobile phone, so nobody will know you´re using it. You can create reminders about your agenda, medication or sites you should visit.

In addition, your relatives will always be informed about the user. In this way, we generate peace of mind in the family and security in the user.

Some of the entities with which we collaborate:

For example, we also collaborate with Foundation La Caridad, with more than 120 years of experience behind its care for our elders and helping homeless and mentally challenged have a decent life.

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