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Social & Care App is an application for mobile devices, intended for the elderly or people with some degree of disability.
Our aim is that users don't have to interact with the smartphone, they only have to carry it.
Social & Care advise them, through messages and by a voice assistant, all they have to do, how to get to their favorite locations or what medication to take.
Any risk situation is automatically detected, helping the users to come back to normality and notify immediately family or caregiver.

Social&Care is based on three main features:

  • Easy to use: We have designed a single user screen, customizable, with everything the user needs (panic button, calls, contacts, tasks, medications,...) and a single screen for the daily activity view.

    Voice assistant. All orders and actions can be made by voice commands and all the App's notifications are read by the voice assistant.

  • Paired terminals

    You can pair your device with your loved one's smartphone and you will configure remotely all the information about their activity patterns: medication, tasks, contacts, locations, etc.

    It's simple, in less than 15 minutes all the information will be filled.
    In this way, users do not have to do anything on the smartphone, they only have to carry it.

    You can change the information at any time, you will receive immediate notifications with all the user is doing and a daily summary.

    Of course, if the user is in a risky situation, Social&Care will detect it immediately, will help the user and will inform you inmediatelly.

  • You can configure remotely, from your device, all the information for your relatives. They will have all the features they may need grouped in one single screen.

    Panic button

    The request for assistance can be made by pressing during three seconds the button on the home screen or by a vocal order to the voice assistant (touching once on the microphone icon).

    Task manager (medication, task, appointments, actions, etc.)

    You can configure the user daily activities. The application will notify the user well in advance. Once the task is done, the application will inform you about the user daily progress.

    Location and route management

    You can indicate user's favorite locations and the safety radius. The application will guide the user to their destinations with notifications on the screen or by the voice assistant. If the user moves away from a destination, is lost, or moves away from the security area, the application will alert you inmediately.

    Dictating messages

    The voice assistant allows the user to dictate text messages and also reads all messages or notifications the user receives.

    Wearable bracelet (additional)

    The wearable bracelet multiplies the application options. Blind or deaf users will know when there is a incomming call or a notification. You can monitor the user physical activity, knowing the battery status or if the user lose the device.

    Vibrating alert

    Each notification or warning message will be communicated by a vibration (or set of vibrations in the case of the call). If the mobile terminal is forgotten, Social&Care makes sound a vibration alarm.

    Taking constant

    The bracelet can record the user heart rate and, according to the security parameters defined, identify urgent situations to inform you inmediately.

    Physical activity

    You can set physical activity goals in the application and the bracelet will notify users their daily progress

    Location management

    The bracelet includes a locator position to identify the user position at any time in the street, at home or in any building.

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