Artificial Intelligence to re-evolve Healthcare

In this post we will comment on how the great actors of artificial intelligence are using their solutions in scientific projects of medicine in India.

  • GOOGLE Brain has applied the Deep Learning procedures to ophthalmology (family of computational methods that allow systems to learn from a large volume of previous examples without explicitly specifying the rules). The objective is to carry out a project in the Aravind Ophthalmic Care System, so that the AI system analyzes the retinal images of the background for the detection of retinopathy and diabetic macular edema in diabetic patients. (Link to the study carried out)
  • Microsoft MINE also uses AI to build a predictive model that helps predict regression rates for ocular operations, allowing clinicians to identify the procedures needed to prevent and treat visual impairments. MINE has been tested in Hyderabad L V Prasad Eye Institute using Microsoft Azure Learning Machine and Power BI.
  • IBM has focused WATSON on the fight against cancer for years. unique ability to analyze a patient’s medical records to help identify personalized and evidence-based clinical treatment options. This IBM Watson Oncology demonstration at Manipal Hospitals analyzes a patient’s medical records and compares them with medical evidence to help identify personalized clinical treatment options.

Social & Care analyzes the patterns of activity of our loved ones to see if they are doing the right thing at the right time in the right place, their behavior is normal, or they are in an unusual situation. S&C will continually informs us of what they are doing and will notify us immediately if they are in an risky situation.

Social care

Because peace of mind is priceless

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